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Published and Forthcoming Publications (2019-2020)

The hectic aspects of the past year has meant that I have neglected my website. Please accept my apologies! In this short post I am going to just list my most recent publications and discuss some of those that are forthcoming. The first two are an article and a contribution to a collection of essays in honor of the great historian of the military orders, Dr. Alan J. Forey. The subsequent items are set to appear in journals this year and in 2021. While it's been an insane year so far, the opportunities to publish my work and collaborate (even in the times of COVID-19) has really shown me the communal aspect of academia, and how creative scholars are.


1.) Leighton, Gregory. ‘Reysa in laudem Dei et virginis Marie contra paganos: The experience of crusading in Prussia during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries’, Zeitschrift für Ostmitteleuropa-Forschung, vol. 69, no. 1, (2020): pp. 1-25.

2.) Leighton, Gregory. ‘Military Order Castles in the Holy Land and Prussia: A Case for Cultural History’, in Templars, Hospitallers and the Crusades: Essays in Homage to Alan J. Forey, ed. by Helen Nicholson and Jochen Burgtorf (London: Routledge, 2020): pp. 167-82.


Forthcoming and Accepted for Publication, 2020-2021

  1. Leighton, Gregory. ‘The Relics of St Barbara at Althaus Kulm: History, Patronages, and Insight into the Teutonic Order and the Christian Population in Prussia (13th – 15th Centuries)’, forthcoming in Zapiski Historyczne (Historical Records), vol. 85, Nr. 1 (2020)

  2. Leighton, Gregory. ‘The Teutonic Order and Re-Organizing Prussia as a Crusading Landscape in the Fourteenth Century’, invited for publication and forthcoming in After the Crusade – Ending the Fight, Re-Organizing Society. Publications from Diversity of Crusading – The Ninth Quadrennial Conference of the SSCLE, Odense 27 June – 1 July, 2016, ed. by Kurt Villads Jensen and Torben K Nielsen (Odense: University of Southern Denmark Press, 2020)

  3. Curta, Florin and Gregory Leighton. ‘Teutonic Hierotopy: St Christopher at Lochsedt (Pavlovo, Kaliningrad oblast’)’ forthcoming in Ephemeris Napocensis. Academia Română Institutl de Arheologie şi Istoria Artei (Ephemeris Napociensis. Journal of the Romanian Academy of Archaeology and Art History) 30 (2020).

  4. Leighton, Gregory. ‘The Idea of Crusading and the Teutonic Order’s Expansion into Samogitia’, invited for publication and forthcoming in Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis, to be published 2020-2021.

  5. Leighton, Gregory. ‘Otto von Lutterburg. Landmeister des Deutschen Ordens in Livland (August 1267 – Februar 1270’, forthcoming in Die Landmeister des Deutschen Ordens in Livland, ed. by Juhan Kreem, Johannes Götz and Alexandr Baranov (Weimar, 2021). [my first non-English publication!]

  6. Leighton, Gregory. ‘Sound on the Later Crusades in the Medieval Baltic’, forthcoming in The Material Culture of Medieval Warfare, ed. by Alan V. Murray and James Titterton (Leiden: Brill, 2021).

  7. Leighton, Gregory. ‘Kontakty krzyzacko-czeskie w sredniowieczu. Rekonesans badawczy.’ [‘The Relationship between the Czech Kingdom and the Teutonic Order in Prussia. Research Overview.’] to be published by the Malbork Castle Museum Press, 2021.


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